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Central Wrestling Alliance
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Welcome to the online home of Central Wrestling Alliance


CWA Entertainment has signed on to be World Wide  Web Wrestling-Kansas.  Their official site is it is based out of Rolla, Missouri and ran by "Showtime" Shane Somers. 
CWA will be back after the summer months.. CWA Entertainment is also talking to American Cancer Society to host an event to help raise money to fight cancer.  More will be posted on the event when it available. 


Do you want to train to be a Pro Wrestler/Referee/Manager/Valet?
Then you have come to the right place.   CWA Pro Wrestling School "Power Slam" will be opening their doors to students that want to make it in the world of professional wrestling.  You can email CWA at for more information!

All content and photos belongs to CWA Entertainment or individuals wrestlers.  Must have express written consent from CWA Entertainment or individuals wrestlers for use.